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GIF: new directives to optimise the process of issuing authorisation of transfer, intra-EU acquisition and export of psychotropic substances


The Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector has issued recommendations on the procedure for import/export and intra-UE purchase/export of psychotropic substances. The recommendations cover intra-community supply of psychotropic substances, intoxicants and precursors of category 1 and indicate that each application should be submitted separately via the e-PUAP sub-box. Furthermore, the applications should include complete documentation, which is submitted in one shipment in an electronic form, in a format allowing for copying of the text. GIF also underlines that the provision "address of business activity, if different from the applicant's" should be considered as the address of business activity conducted on the basis of the authorisation referred to in the Act on counteracting drug addiction.
The GIF guidelines are intended to streamline the procedure for obtaining the permit.
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