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Law on the cultivation of fibre hemp signed by the President of Poland


On 4 April 2022 The President of the Republic of Poland signed an Act amending the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction and certain other acts concerning, inter alia, the cultivation of fibre hemp. The Act will enter into force within 30 days of its announcement.

The new legislation extends the possibility of growing hemp for energy, scientific and research purposes, for breeding hemp varieties, for land reclamation and remediation, for veterinary, fodder, beekeeping, fertiliser and insulation purposes and for the production of composite materials, building materials and natural plant protection products. The cultivation of fibre hemp for personal use for selected purposes indicated in the Act is also permitted, provided that the cultivation area does not exceed 1 hectare per year. Fibre hemp derived from own cultivation will be able to be processed in-house for analogous purposes or needs as in the case of cultivation of such hemp.

For more details on the modified rules for conducting the business of cultivation of fibre hemp, as well as the control of its producers, see the link: