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Our expert Magdalena Wawrzyniak at the II KANABIZ Hemp Industry Development Forum


The II Hemp Industry Development Forum KANABIZ starts tomorrow. Our expert legal advisor Magdalena Wawrzyniak will speak about the conditions for obtaining a GIF permit for processing and distribution of hemp raw materials (including biomass) and the application of these materials for food and cosmetics.
Kanabiz is the only B2B conference in Poland addressed to representatives of the hemp industry. The main topic of the Hemp Industry Development Forum will be the growth potential of the sector in the context of new regulations and marketing in the industry covered by the advertising prohibition, i.e. activities supporting e-commerce and online shop marketing. The conference will feature experts and opinion leaders with many years of experience in the industry. It will be attended by hemp market participants, i.e. planters, producers of hemp products, pharmaceuticals, but also textiles, food, cosmetics and construction products, as well as owners of online and stationary shops, wholesalers, laboratory owners, business environment including advisors, lawyers, pharmacists and health care professionals.

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