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Parliamentary proceedings of Pharmaceutical Law Amendment bill



Parliamentary proceedings of Pharmaceutical Law Amendment bill


During the meeting of the parliamentary task force the bill raised much controversy, among members of the parliament and representatives of the stakeholders.


Representatives of the business argued that the systemic change is being introduced too rapidly and contrary to the ministerial agenda, the vast majority of pharmacies is backed by polish capital. The idea “pharmacy for the pharmacists” was criticized as posing direct danger to small businesses due to personnel shortage- young pharmacists’ are likely to seek employment elsewhere as pharmacies being small businesses give little perspective for career development.


Representatives of pharmacy business also argued that the proposed bill may result in small pharmacies having a weakened negotiation agenda during talks with pharmaceutical warehouses.


The advocates for the project  claimed that the bill is bound to stabilize the market as well as save jobs. It was noted that excessive competition puts the interests of a patient at risk.


The Ministry declared to take all arguments into consideration.,167527,6,1.html