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Supplements at the pharmacy will be distinguished by coloured packaging


The Rynek Zdrowia quotes Deputy Minister of Health regarding the plans of the Ministry of Health to separate supplements available in pharmacies by their colours.

  • Their Packaging wil look different. We are also planning chages regarding supplements’ names to clearly distinguish them from medical products’’ stated Deputy Minister of Health.
  • He also reffered to the fight against false advertising and conducting research on the compostion of products in order to exclude from the pharmacy market preparations which contain only trace amounts of substances which are declared in its composition.
  • What is important for the patient wil be in the pharmacy , what is not will be in non-pharmacies.We will also regulate advertising .What does this mean? They cannot contain any false content. In such cases we will punish with high fines immedietaly enforceabled. GIF ( General Inspector of Pharmacy)will implement fines in the field od advertising medicines and GIS ( General Inspector of Sanitary ) in the field of supplements